Setting & Achieving Your Goals In 2023

Now that we are a month into 2023, I hope that you have set your financial goals for your business, profession or side hustle for the year. If you have not let me share with you how I have set my financial goals for the year. I have three (3) businesses.

  • Mobile Media Plus
  • i108 Radio
  • iMusic Music Studio

Each of them are in different stages of grow and I have to keep that in mind when setting my goals. Mobile Media Plus has been in business for 10 years while i108 Radio is only 2 years running and iMusic Music is only a few months old but for the sake of setting a goal, lest take a look at the Goal for the i108 Radio.

i108 Radio

Revenue Goal: $250k

So now that we know what the revenue goal is let see how many advertisers, we need to get in order for us to achieve that goal. I have chosen to look at it by the quarter. Most companies run campaigns in two and three month runs. So will look at it by the quarter.

  • $250,000 divided by four quarters equals $62,500 per quarter. 
  • Each quarter has roughly 13 weeks in each quarter.
  • $62,500 divided by 13 weeks equals $4,808.

So the bottom line is we need to make $4,808 each week in order to achieve the goal of $250k for the whole year.

Now how many customers do I need to earn $4,808 each week. It depends on the price of our campaigns. Let say that we have Two (2) different offers;

  1. $199 Package
  2. $399 Package

This would mean that we would need to sell roughly 12 of Package #1 and 6 of Package #2 which would total $4,812.89

  1. Package #1: 12.08 package ($2,403.92)
  2. Package #2: 6.03 packages ($2,408.97)

So the bottom line is we would need to sell roughly 18 total packages each week in order to achieve our goal of $250k for 2023.

Again, its doable but now we have to figure out how many business owners, companies or entrepreneurs that we need to speak with, contact or get in front of, in order to hit that number each week.

In my next post, I will show you exactly how I plan on hitting those numbers and exactly how I am going to get in front of that many people each week in order to hit $250k for i108 Radio in 2023.

This is exactly how you back into your revenue goal. Please keep in mind that your goal has to include profit, based upon your business expenses.

Additionally, whatever you sell has to have real world value to the buyer and MUST deliver results or your customers will quit. 

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